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Our platform is our foundation...

...and it's been an industry staple for 25 years.

The platform by itself only tells part of the story. We also provide a seasoned data/research department that processes and maintains the voluminous amounts of information contained within the platform. Information is derived from a myriad of sources and integrates with our platform at multiple layers. We greatly value the integrity of our data and believe that it stands far beyond the data aggregated by other market sources.

Today, more than 10,000 agents in the metropolitan area enjoy subscription access to OLR. We take great pride in our product and our long-standing recognition by the industry as the standard bearer. Our goal today is the same as the day when we envisioned our business model twenty years ago: To provide the local real estate broker with the best set of every day tools possible to compete and grow their business.
How it works...
Our Features Include the following...
Building Directory
The OLR Building Directory is widely regarded as the most comprehensive and accurate database resource for NYC brokers.
Listing Management
Our Listing Manager tool is a must have for landlords and brokerage firms with a large inventory of rental listings.
Floor Plan Library
The floor plan is the DNA of any listing. Our collection of floor plans, amassed over 25 years, is integral for any agency.

Comp Sales Report
The core element to our Comp Sales Report is the accuracy of our closed sales data. We’re constantly pouring over public data to ensure its reliability.
Market Me
Love this feature. Find open listings from our database and market them as your own on your firm’s public web or on third-party sites.
Our internal CRM allows you to manage your client relationships while keeping up to date on their real estate needs.
3rd party feeds

We can feed your listings to the following sites...