Mission Statement
"When we started the company, our goal was to “even the playing field.”

Simply put, OLR has always been committed to providing the best data platform available to residential brokers serving the New York City market. Since our inception, we have been the number one business-to-business broker tool in this ever competitive environment. Despite a flourish of data providers now populating the public arena, we have never strayed from this purpose. We
have always believed in the value of the local real estates and
the invaluable role they play in navigating the transaction
landscape from client introduction to closing.

It is not surprising to us, that despite the new transparency of the local market and the many public solutions being offered to the information hungry public, there has never been a greater need for the seasoned real estate agent. Our numbers prove it. Today, OLR provides data resources to more than 8,000 licensed agents in the New York Metropolitan area.

As our company has grown we have expanded our role in the
day-to-day operation of our broker client. OLR in essence is the backbone of many of the companies that we serve. We provide a one-stop shop solution to their data, web and marketing needs.

Providing a data platform for shared and proprietary information, fully integrating the data platform to client web sites, supplying data feeds to third party sites as well as providing ancillary services to help market listings and brand the brokerage firm.

OLR is more than a company. We’re a back-end solution to many of the daily tasks involved in a brokerage operation. Not only do we provide a data platform but our data department manages and maintains the flow of daily listing and building information. Within the New York marketplace, OLR takes great pride in the accuracy and strength of its data.

When we started the company, our goal was to “even the playing field,” for the small and mid-sized brokerage firms serving the Manhattan residential market. Historically, the larger firms operating in the city had enjoyed a great competitive advantage over smaller firms due to the depth of their respective organizations. Many, due to their extensive management divisions, were spoon fed information on available apartments that never quite made it to the brokerage community. OLR set out to change the landscape. Our goal was to build a shared listing platform based on a relational database that could be utilized by the entire
community. Slowly, we built a base of clients that could not properly manage the great amount of data that they had been receiving by mail and fax. Many of those same clients are with us today, almost two decades later.

As a company, we have never been stronger. We enjoy vast experience in our niche and continue to lead the field with innovative initiatives. Our goal, each and every day, has always been to make our product better and to best serve our client base, whether it’s a large firm or a new single-person agency operating out of a studio apartment.