It's Time.

With great enthusiasm I am pleased to announce the launch of the OLR Mobile App for iOS and Android. This App is a true game changer in the way residential real estate agents conduct their business in New York City.

The OLR Mobile App is the first app of its kind to be built specifically for the local brokerage community. This is a not a public resource and can only be used by OLR subscribers. The App allows the user the identical search experience with which one is accustomed to on the desktop.

At the same time the App will incorporate many features native to mobile devices.

So take part in the continued evolution of OLR and enjoy the ride, whether you're in a cab, at a Starbucks, or just walking between appointments.

Weekly training is available at our downtown office. Support is offered online through our Knowledge Base as well.

The App is available at the Apple App Store, as well as Google Play. The OLR App is currently being offered at no additional cost. This may be subject to change.